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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I undo the "completed" status of a reservation?

When viewing the reservation details (Booking View), if the status is "Completed", you will see the undo icon   to revert the reservation back to an "Open" state.

Can I connect my Hotel POS system to Hotelist?

Yes, you can! We already support POS connections with various systems. If your system is not supported, we can look into connecting it for you. Contact us to talk further about this project.

Where do I create a new Support Ticket?

To create a new Support Ticket, you can navigate to Support -> New Ticket from the main menu. In the loaded form, add your details and files (if any) and then click the Save button. We will receive your support request and reply to you as soon as possible.

Can I delete an invoice?

You can cancel an invoice but it does not get deleted, to keep consistency among clients and statistics. You may only completely delete the last invoice you have created. To do this, in Invoice View, there is a delete button at the top toolbar. If you would like us to delete an Invoice for you, please contact us by creating a Support Ticket.

How can I invoice a reservation to someone other than the guest?

You have the option to create an invoice for someone other than the guest - for example, their company or the Travel Agent. Do to that, when invoicing an existing reservation, there is a drop-down box under the reservation Client's Name, where you can select another Client to issue this invoice to.

Can I split a reservation into different rooms?

Yes, you can! You can do this inside the reservation view. There is an option to change the reservation data and split rooms by clicking the appropriate button.

How can I change the number of people for a reservation?

To change the number of people for a room for a reservation, navigate to the Reservation View by clicking on the reservation ID or Guest Name from the Reserv. Plan (more info) and click on the cog icon   right next to the title of the room you wish to change. The view will change and you will now have the option to alter this room's data (people, price per night, etc).

Can I delete a wrong reservation completely?

Yes you can. If the reservation was made by hand and did not arrive from your Online Booking Engine or Channel Manager, you may navigate to the Booking/Reservation Plan, then change the display type to "Reservations List". Hovering over each reservation line will show a trash icon  that you can click to remove a faulty reservation completely.

Note: Since this may lead to data loss, the permission to do this is only given to trusted roles. Please check your User Roles settings to make sure that you have this function enabled.

How can I change the status of a reservation to cancelled or no-show?

To change the status of a reservation to cancelled or no-show, you need to find the reservation in your Reservation Plan and click the icon with the 3 dashes  - a popup box will be opened. In this popup, you will find the buttons to set the status of the reservation to completed, cancelled, or no-show.