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Finance Tools / Invoicing

You can use Hotelist to calculate invoice prices & compose printable invoices with your Logo and Hotel information, as well as guest information, reservation ID and others.

Disclaimer: Hotelist is not a financing or ERP software. It calculates the prices for your reservations, as well as taxes and tourist tax, but in no way does it guarrantee the validity of the information or that the numbers are optimized for your business. It is the Hotelier's responsibility to check the validity and correctness of the produced numbers as well as the taxing format.


To issue a new Invoice or Receipt, navigate to Financial -> Invoices (or Receipts) and click the "+ New Invoice" button on the top right. You may select the reservation ID (or booking ID) for the reservation you wish to create an invoice for, or just create a custom invoice which isn't connected to a reservation.

In the next step, you will be presented with a preview of the invoice which you can confirm and proceed to issuing the current invoice, or go back and make further changes.

Note: Hotelist runs the calculations for you, and fills in all the numbers in their appropriate positions and boxes. You then have the option to change the numbers as they suit your needs.